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                                   "Life Heals"

Welcome to VitaSana, a holistic wellness practice, where we offer a range of services to support our clients on their journey towards expanding their awareness and discovering more about themselves. Our approach is original, fun and easily implemented into a busy lifestyle. This is done through one on one healing sessions, videos, courses, meditations, events &  retreats with open Minded curious Souls who are interested in getting to know themselves more.

"Curtis is a sincere person who has spent time learning about the nuances of spirituality, while maintaining and infusing his own life experiences. When meeting with Curtis I come away with thoughts that provoke further insights to my own character and spiritual path."

Mr Booker. Ottawa


Our mission is to support our clients by seeing them as they desire to be and showing them how to stay in their peace regardless of what Life is offering. We invite you to explore our services for yourself. 

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Energetic Healing

An open space of introspection, & non-judgement, blended with healing practices allows clients to balance anything that may be causing physical, emotional or mental, discomfort. Through a combination of metaphysical healing, Reiki chakra balancing and other techniques, our sessions help clients feel more centered, balanced & empowered. 

( FULL Package)

Emotional Release, energy flush, Reiki Chakra balancing, Physical pain relief & Angel Card reading


Harmonic Egg Ottawa

 2571 unit 205 Carling Ave. K2B 7H7. Ottawa, ON. 

Appointments available Saturdays 10-4pm. email to book 

Time: Up to 1hr & 10mins. 

Investment: $180.00

(tax included.)

Save $20.00 when you pay cash

($160.00 in person)


Retreats & Events

An immersive experience, our retreats & events provide a safe supportive environment for our guests to engage in transformative experiences, They are designed to help you connect more with yourself, release limiting beliefs & step into who you desire to BE.

New events for 2024 in the works! Stay tuned. 


Release Emotions

In this 45 minute session we will release unwanted emotions using an energetic healing style where emotions are identified one by one through a quick screening process. We then connect to your auric field and transform the energy through a reduction process, which results in relief from physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. Clients do not need to share their personal experiences through talk therapy, as we are directly addressing it from an energetic level. The stories we continue to affirm are what is keeping the physiological, mental, and emotional effects in our lives. By detaching from them we free ourselves from the energetic imprint that continues to recreate disharmony in our lives. Like the layers of an onion, letting go of one emotion always reveals the next one. Clients release an average of 6-8 emotions during each session.

 Online Service, done through zoom 

Time: 45 min Per Session 

Investment: $144.00 session

(tax included)

Drawing on a Board


Our coaching service is designed to help clients achieve their desires & find peace with where they are in Life. These sessions provide clients with fun and easy practices that have been proven to improve one's Life. Something interesting begins to happen when you make a decision to better yourself, it has a snowball Effect that begins to expand into every area of your Life. 

What to expect? 

Releasing limiting beliefs "fast" guidance on "next steps" & fine tuning what comes up during this process!


Emotional Release each session, getting laser focused on what is keeping you from taking a quantum leap towards what you require in your Life, utilizing the 8th principle which binds all the 7 principes that govern the laws of the Universe together, applying easy and effective tools for you to keep you in alignment with what you require each day during the 3 weeks. 

Time: 2hrs Per Session 3 sessions minimum scheduled once a week (back to back) for 3 weeks.

In person, or online.  

Investment: $222.00 / session

(tax included) 

Fog and Nature
Meet Curtis
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Meet Curtis,

Curt, has a passion for learning how to accept yourself as you are, with studying, researching,  taking courses, coaching sessions, diving into many healing modalities over the past 5 yrs. Working with some amazing individuals who continued to push him by allowing him to have the space to grow from the inside out.  

Curtis always strives to offer the best experience for his clients, always finding ways to expand his understanding of the world around him. 


He discovered his love of books 5 years ago, books that challenge you to think for yourself, books that explain how you are responsible for your own well-being and how to adjust your circumstances in life and be at peace with yourself. He finds Joy in exploring any and all books claiming to have insight into one's own world. His Love of literature & learning is infectious, any time he has an opportunity to share with others who are willing is sure to put a smile on his face. 


Curt is known for his calm, anchored demeanor that makes one feel comfortable with opening up to a stranger, He is a steady presence in any environment, always supportive and encouraging those around him, His presence creates a welcoming safe atmosphere, where people can feel free to be themselves and share their thoughts & ideas. 

Fog and Nature
Meet Eric

Meet Eric,

With a shared passion for holistic wellness and personal growth, Eric and Curtis studied together for over 5 years before launching this company together.

As a father of two, Eric's top priority is his family, but he makes time to bring his unique perspective and wisdom to the Vita Sana team. Eric utilizes his past experiences to ensure everything runs smoothly and that clients receive a positive experience with a high quality of individual care.

Despite his busy schedule, Eric remains deeply committed to his own personal growth and spiritual journey, and enjoys sharing his learnings to help as many people as possible. He is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for those around him, and his positive energy and warm demeanor make him an easy person to learn with.

P1050837Eric Website Pic_edited.jpg

“Having experienced Curt & Eric together, I can say they have an original bond that allows their individual perspectives to flourish. They are passionate about helping people achieve their desires. If you have an opportunity to attend one of their events I highly recommend it."

K.M -Ottawa Ontario. 

Meet Kristy

Meet Kristy,

The glue of VitaSana, keeping all things organized when it comes to technical support. Kristy has many talents from networking, planning and organizing, to hosting events locally and abroad which we utilize to make each experience more enjoyable for our clients. Eric and Curtis appreciate her contributions more and more each day. We could not imagine a better fit for VitaSana.

Kristy is also a Holistic Realtor in Ottawa & Costa Rica, an IET Master Trainer & the founder of the Good Vibes Networking Group in Ottawa. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, reading, listening to podcasts & enjoying life to its fullest. 


The 3 of us will be putting together some fun projects over the next few years we are all eager to get started

EC VIP -Youtube



To book a session with Curtis, book online or call us at Manotick Natural Market. 

Note: sessions are currently offered Friday, Saturday daytime & Monday evenings with 24hr notice or Monday evening home visits with 48hr notice. 

Season Address: 1136 Tighe St, Manotick Ontario. 

Events / Retreats


Sound Healing

With Rachael Jewell

Full Lunar Eclipse

Monday -March 25th  @ 6:30-8:30pm 

Energetic Exchange $25-$50


WOO Spiritual Summet 

(Convention: 170 Colonnade Rd) 

May 4 @ 10-5pm

Vendors, Speakers, & Loads of fun!

Entry Fee: $5.00 (BUY NOW) 

Holistic Healing Fair 

(Nepean Sports Plex) 

May 11th @ 10-4 pm

Entry Fee: FREE (register)

Bhakti Bliss Yoga & Music Festival (TBC)

August 16-18th 

Eganville, Ontario

Winter solstice Sound Healing and Breathwork Journey-4.PNG
Woo event.webp
holistic healing .jpeg
Experiments  v1 COVER Ebook.jpg

Download: Experiments E-Book

This ebook is designed to bring clarity to a lot of the information out there, offering a collection of experiments that have had a positive effect on the lives of so many individuals. Each experiment has been selected to address different dimensions of your life, enabling you to explore and expand your potential in ways you may have yet to consider possible.


Event Photos

Even Photo

Holly S

"Thank you Kristy & Curtis for an amazing evening, feeling so grateful and recharged. Looking forward to many more of your events."

Varun V

"The event location is surreal and Curtis shared some mind provoking thoughts."

Sarah P

"That was an absolutely beautiful experience! Filled with insights and wholesome people, highly recommend to anyone on their journey inwards."

Spotify -Podcast

Amazing to connect with so many like minded people on this journey. Today we were able to speak with Curtis and Kristy about how they feel it all works out. I liked this show.


Simple and to the point.

Youtub Podca
Kristy's Podcast Template.png



Curtis next podcast appearance will be on The Conscious Journey Podcast! Follow along for direct announcements or check back her regularly. 

Join Us On Instagram @VitaSana.Vip

To receive Universal wisdom, one must have an Open Mind.


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