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The Conscious Journey

The Conscious Journey Podcast is a place where we dive into the unknown elements of our lives that seemingly look like nothing from the outside but upon reflecting on them results in a divinely orchestrated unique map. You'll discover an unscripted & authentic podcast where we will discuss various topics using a beginner's curiosity and grow together along this journey answering the biggest questions of life "Why am I here!?"


Kristy Morrison shares her personal journey as well as hosts fun conversations with everyday people doing extraordinary things, various teachers, heart centred creators and YOU! all with the goal of personal expansion and growth within.


During Kristy's awakening process she felt quite lonely and quite inferior to the top level content floating around out there. This podcast is aimed to simplify the awakening process so listeners can enjoy their journey a little more consciously and live a truly fulfilling life of their highest and best selves.

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