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Sitting by Campfire

Camp Fire Event

Join us for an evening retreat by the camp fire which is a combination of self-reflection, Introspection and mindfulness. This evening will be a night unlike any other. If you’ve been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unsettled, easily frustrated or angry this event is for you! Kristy, your host will guide you throughout the night in a beautiful space for connecting and learning from our very special guest of the evening Curtis.

What To Expect

  • Disconnect from the stress of work, home, life.

  • Grounding & Guided Meditation.

  • Guidance & Introspection-ways to stay in your peace at all times.

  • Intentional silent walking through the forest.

  • Fire Ceremony -To discharge


You will leave feeling refreshed, connected and inspired with some new friends you shared this journey with. Curtis and I have also just added on a very special surprise for all attendees that attend so don't delay and register ASAP!

JULY 22' 2023. 7 -9/9:30PM

FEE: $44



Cash or e-transfer to

before July 19th 2023.

(Password: VitaSana )

We look forward to meeting you around the camp fire. 
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