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Creative easy ways to add Positivity to your daily routine. Find one or more that you like & experiment with them when you can: 

1. Move your eyes from side to side for (1min). This activates left & right brain coherence  which improves memory & cognitive function.


2. Clench your fists for 30-seconds & watch the redness return to your hands. 2-4 times. This is an easy way to be in the present moment through self-observation.

3. Breathwork - Do the following outside or by an open window. 1st slowly release all excess air in your lungs, fully exaggerating the exhale, then inhaling (helps to acknowledge that this air you are inhaling has many benefits for you) through your nose slowly until you can't fit in any more air then force a bit more air in and hold and force all this air to your forehead & pause (you'll know when to release the air slowly). Repeat this over and over for 3-5min (set timer) while directing the air to your forehead on one breathe, then down to your toes on the other. Switch back and forth until timer goes off.

4. Exercise: Assists with waking you up so you are ready to face the day full of energy..   Jumping jacks, kick ups, or simply jumping up & down (3 mins). You'll notice after doing only 3 minutes each day that it inspires you to move your body more throughout the day.

5. Stretching. Any full body exaggerated stretching "see YouTube for inspiration" (3 mins).

6. Focus on distant objects while letting your eye muscles relax then close objects, alternating between the 2 for 30 seconds each & repeat 3 times. Do this whenever you have the time. The eyes have muscles & nerves & when you set the intention to exercise them the results speak for themselves. For those who wear glasses this too is for you. You can begin at any point to exercise the muscles & nerves in your eyes. (Strengthens your eyesight). 

7. Journal when you receive insights. (writing/journaling on paper or capturing what comes to you on your devices.)  "A short pencil is better than a strong memory.

8. Laugh. Laughter is a gift. Let'rrr flow & take advantage of opportunities to laugh when you're alone. Over the next 7 days, when stress, worry, or anxiety sets in give yourself the gift of laughing it all away. You will be pleased with the results!

9. Practice good posture often. Doing this in the mirror is a great way to see your confident self. While gazing in the mirror study yourself, see how you express yourself & make adjustments as you become aware of them where you see fit. How we show up in the World is important, for every action there is an equal &/or opposite reaction. The choice on which one comes back to you is ultimately "yours"!!!  (1-3 min)

10. Avoid specific Words & Sayings. Could how we express ourselves internally & externally on a daily basis really be that fundamental in our Lives? Are you not at least a little curious about this? Give yourself the patience required to implement this list into your Life.  We have had the pleasure of seeing this adjust our lives in a positive way. Could you be next??? (see list of words & sayings at bottom).

11. Meditate. Following are 3 options:

(a) Stillness. Focus on the word "stillness" & avoid moving the body in any way.       

(b) Contemplate the things you see yourself having in your Life.

(c) Discharge. Repeat "I Am discharging" while starring into one of the 5 elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, or Space). There isn't one that is better than the other. They all have benefits. See which one resonates with you and stick to it. (3-10 min).

12. Remain in your "PEACE". How? Without judgments towards anything or anyone (most importantly with "yourself"). When you feel you are not in your Peace, reflect on all the things going well in your Life & all the things you have created over the years that brought you Joy. Allow yourself to acknowledge even the smallest of things.  Would you talk to others the way you talk to yourself? NO? Then stop it!

13. Ask these questions daily at any time:
(a) Who Am I?
(b) Where Am I?
(c) Why Am I Where I Am?
(d) What do I Intend To Do?

14. It is best to not underestimate those low feelings you have. They are powerful & will rub off on others & may find their way back to you in some way. Sometimes it is best to sit in these emotions & be by yourself in whatever way that works for you. Are you in a circumstance where you can't be alone? Then go somewhere (bathroom)? Pause, close your eyes & bring yourself to a place that brings you Joy & sit there for 1-2 minutes. Then return feeling lighter than before. What you choose to be in this moment, finds you in the next.  "The choice is yours".

15. Getting comfortable with change becomes easier the more we do it. "Small changes pave the way to bigger ones"! These are a few simple ones to get the ball rolling:

(a) Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

(b) Take new, alternative routes when traveling from place (A) to place (B).

(c) Take a look at your routines & switch things up.

(d) Eat with your opposite hand.

(e) Switch/Move things around in your living space(s). 

16. Shocking the body encourages new cell growth. Do one or more of these below:

(a) At the end of your shower, finish with 1-2 minutes of cold water. Best results on the head, face, & chest area.

(b) Intermittent fasting. Do your research before beginning & start with something simple. Once you realize what you can accomplish, it'll encourage you to keep going.

(c) Explosive training. 30 second intervals. Something as simple as walking/hiking & every couple minutes switch to a full sprint for 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can. Get creative with other styles of training.  

17. When communicating with others (including yourself), allow yourself to be led by these principles:

Do not:  Judge or Criticize unless the circumstance is Life threatening.


Do not: Criticize, judge, rationalize, blame, justify, defend, or seek for validation. 

Find a way to: Praise only. 

18. Respond to anger, judgement or criticism with: Silence.

19. Refrain from these 2 things:  Taking "score" of things & labelling things.

We often unknowingly keep ourselves stuck in unwanted patterns in our Lives. By removing these 2 things, it allows us the opportunity to open up to new experiences, "effortlessly"

20. Ask Lofty (Open-ended) questions that empower you.
Here are some examples:

Why is everything always working out perfectly for me "Now"

What else is possible in my Life "Now"

How does it get any better than this "Now"

Why is Life so amazing for me "Now"?

How can the Universe give me more than enough help than I ever thought possible "Now"

Why am I so creative at work "Now"

Why do I have such amazing levels of focus "Now"

Why am I able to do so much in so little time "Now"

Why am I so good at making, keeping, & multiplying money "Now"

Why do I solve all problems in a fun & easy way "Now"

Why are my days always filled with inspiration "Now"

Why do I spark Love & Joy to everyone who comes into my Life "Now"

Get creative with these & Create your own Lofty questions.

21. Love your body, & it'll Love you back. We have to look in the mirror & like what we see before what we see can change. When we love & respect our body, it automatically respects us back.  Decide for yourself "Now" what respecting your body means to you, & begin to do those things, "Now". You will be pleased with the results. 

22. Are you finding yourself in difficult circumstances over & over? Can't seem to shake that thing that keeps bothering you? It could be as simple as how you're perceiving it to be. When you declare something as "yours" or "mine", you aren't allowing yourself the opportunity to get passed it. Rather than saying  "My" (thing that I have), Say "The" (thing that I have). This creates a subtle shift in the way we think about it, & gives us the space to move past it. Then we realize that we do have a choice in each area of our Life.


23. "Allowing" yourself to have an open Mind to contemplate the things in your Life, provides you endless options to improve your Life. 

Words to Avoid:

Don't (when using "don't" as a way to describe positive balance it's okay)

Sayings to Avoid:

Use "I get to do things" Not ==I have to do things==
Use "The longer I live" Not ==The older I get==
Use "From now on" Not ==The rest of my life==
Use "There is always something right" Not ==I can never do anything right==
Use "It is what it is" Not ==It was meant to be==
Use "When you have a moment I have a question for you" Not ==I hate to bother you, but==
Use "This is what I am prepared to offer" Not ==Is that okay?==
Use "I suggest we go with this because" Not ==As a matter of fact==
Use "Let me check my calendar & get back to you" Not ==I'm available at whatever time is convenient for you==
Use "I saw something similar once that may be useful" Not ==I'm no expert but==
Use "It's a work in progress" Not ==That's good enough==
Use "I Am now begining to see things differently" Not ==That's always the way it goes==


Words to Embody    :


Don't bring up the negative past or the questionable future. All this does is distract you from being fully present in each moment. Be aware of your awareness. Your awareness is your own introspection. Look at & observe your Life as a whole during the experiences you have each day.
Watch your reaction to receiving & allow yourself to be open to it. When we can't receive the seemingly small things easily, how do you expect to receive bigger & better things in Life? (don't rob someone of the kindness they give you, simply smile & say thank-you).
Watch your Attitude/mood while around others. You'll begin to learn more about yourself.
Watch your thoughts & your words. There are some that empower us, & others that disempower us. 
Watch your rhythm in repetitive situations such as family dinners, work meetings, gatherings with friends, or with anyone you know well. Be aware of being drawn into a negative pattern (people Love to dump their stuff on others. Create some space when you feel this coming on) & find the good. There is always good, & once you see it, you will no longer be drawn into an unwanted circumstance that ends up draining & depleting  your energy.

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