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Beyond The Vision Board

Join Curtis & Kristy of VitaSana for an afternoon of reflection, introspection & going beyond the vision board experience.


The idea of creating a vision board is to allow yourself to believe in your ability to dream big while allowing yourself to only think of ways that it can happen vs ways it cannot. As you begin to see yourself as this version of yourself, remember that can only mean that it has already happened and through this knowing you begin to attract the circumstances required to effortlessly achieve these desires on your terms. It is possible to do and become anything you desire, we will guide you through this process and set you up for success, during your creation of your vision board we will be following you and assisting you with certain areas to aim your focus on through specific things you may have not yet thought of...


We will be sharing insights from ancient books and many past authors & current influencers who have implemented these techniques into their own lives with massive results.


Anyone has the ability to succeed at anything they desire & require in their Life, and most rarely allow simple adjustments into their lives that open all that is required for this to happen, are you open Minded enough to drop all that you currently know?, in order to "see" what else is possible for you???

Fee: $85.00 

Date: TBD -Register below to stay up to date for future events. 

Location: Address provided with registration ( South of Ottawa)  

Light catered lunch will be provided at this event. 


e-transfer to ....

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